Yet to Read Some Badass Women Written Sci-Fi

Yet to Read Some Badass Women Written Sci-Fi

Yet to Read is the weekly meme where I take a look at books on my shelves (physical and digital) that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet and books on my wishlist that I’ve wanted to add to my shelves for a while. I will link these posts up to Can’t Wait Wednesday and Shelf Control!

Yeah, you know, I liked mixing my backlog with my wishlist last week so I think I’ll continue with this method for this series going forwards. With that in mind, this week I’ve got some interesting picks! I’m feeling the science fiction vibe right now, as deep into reading Artifact Space as I am, and discovering it’s a genre I genuinely enjoy. So here are a couple written by women sci-fi books I really want to get to soon™.

From the Shelves

Funny story: I wasn’t sure if I’d like Ancillary Justice at first. I was worried it may be a little too “hard sci-fi” for my tastes, too much robotics and technology and all that. However, I saw how highly praised it was and then it went on sale on Kindle, as many of the books I’ll feature here did, and I snapped it up. Now I’m learning that my early judgement may have been misguided. Maybe the book is a little like that… but maybe that’s not so bad.

Yet to Read Some Badass Women Written Sci-Fi: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

From the Wishlist

I’ll be honest with you, one line sold me on Gideon the Ninth and it was a blurb from Charlie Stross: “Lesbian necromancers explore a haunted gothic palace in space! Decadent nobles vie to serve the deathless emperor! Skeletons!” Everything about this sounds like an excellent time to me. We got lesbians, necromancers, ghosts, a gothic palace… in space! An immortal emperor, skeletons… if I haven’t got a hold of this book and started reading it in the next three months, you have permission to thwack me.

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

Either of these tickle your fancy? Read either of them? Any women written sci-fi you’d recommend? Let’s chat!

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  1. I’ve read the Ann Leckie “Ancillary” trilogy. It’s very good and also very unusual. I found it quite hard to describe when talking about it at the time. It’s sort of a bone-dry space opera with as much attention paid to tea rituals as to space battles. There’s a lot of politics and social commentary and really not a lot of what I’d call “hard SF” although, yes, it does have spaceships and robots (at leasy it probably has robots – it’s a while since I read it).

    It’s the kind of series I might recommend to someone who mostly reads modern, mainstream fiction but who thinks they ought to give science fiction a fair shake, which is actually the kind of thing I get asked at work, on occasion.

  2. I’ve been reluctant to dig into Ancillary Justice for the same reasons. I like a bit of a space opera romp, but hard sci-fi isn’t my thing. Gideon the Ninth was a DNF for me, but I think it was more mood and circumstances than the book itself, and I’m increasingly leaning towards giving it a second shot.

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