World of Warcraft: A Greedy Emissary Quick Guide

World of Warcraft: A Greedy Emissary Quick Guide

Hey folks! I have a quick guide for World of Warcraft’s Diablo IV crossover event A Greedy Emissary for you today. I had to trawl through the internet and just dive into it to work out how it works, so I figured I’d throw out what I found in the hope that this helps somebody.

a greedy emissary quick guide - treasure goblin spawns

Some Kinks

First off, know that this has dozens of people attacking a single target for all they’ve got. This event is laggy so you’ll most likely be queuing up abilities to get your tag. Don’t panic, just do your best. You’ll be able to see where the Treasure Goblins spawn with little golden portals on your map. However, you shouldn’t be able to see these on your world map, you have to be in the zone to see them. Again, don’t panic. There’s 5 minutes between the portal appearing and the Treasure Goblin actually appearing and being attackable. You have time.


Alright, next we’ll talk timers. These portals should appear on your maps at :00 and :30, so every half an hour in-game. According to somebody in the group I was in, they’ll be in a capital at :00 and a Dragon Isles zone at :30. People have worked out a pattern to these spawns, and these have consistently lined up for the few I’ve done. It seems to be something like: Stormwind > Ohn’ahran Plains > Orgrimmar > Azure Span > Stormwind > Thaldraszus > Orgrimmar > Valdrakken > Stormwind > Waking Shores > Stormwind > rinse and repeat, with the 2 cities rotating every :00 and the Dragon Isles areas rotating every :30. This spreadsheet is currently tracking the rotation for EU and NA. There’s even a lovely WeakAura to keep an eye on where it’s spawning next. I’d suggest finding a group to see where people are going. There are lots of groups in the Group Finder you can jump into and see where folks are gathering, if they’re kind enough they may even offer summons. It will always be every half an hour, though. And you may have to visit the opposing faction’s city at some points (definitely if you try to catch them all).


There is no lockout for loot on the Treasure Goblins. I killed one at :00 in Stormwind, and another at :30 in The Azure Span and I got loot both times. Farm to your heart’s content! You can also shard hop to catch extra Goblins if you really feel like it, though it does seem that they spawn at different points in a zone on different servers so this could be a pain.

a greedy emissary quick guide - Baa'lial Soulstone

As for what you can get, for those of you who missed out on Tyrael’s Charger, this is your chance! It can drop from the Treasure Goblins, no need to pay Blizzard anything this time. There’s also a cute little red demon goat minipet which awards an achievement when learned, a 36-slot bag, a Nightmare Banner toy, several cosmetics… a whole bunch of pretty cool stuff to collect, as well as tokens that offer stat increases. (Unconfirmed but I assume these won’t work in raids as things like this usually don’t in retail WoW) Wowhead of course has a full list of what drops with appearances to boot.

The event is on in-game right now and lasts until 14th June, so you have plenty of time to grab a few kills here and there. Good luck!

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