Weekend Wrap-Up: 26/06/2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: 26/06/2021

The Weekend Wrap-Up offers a little look at what I’m reading, the new books that came my way, and anything else I may have gotten up to this past week. I will be linking up to Stacking the ShelvesThe Sunday Post and It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? and hopping around your blogs a little to see what the community has to share too!

My Week

I’ve been struggling with my fatigue levels a lot this week, which led to difficulties with reading earlier in the week and so I had to put Tigana down for now, the writing is way too dense for me right now, sadly, but I’m convinced I’ll love it when I’m feeling a little better. I ended up reading one short story from Before You Sleep which was interesting and creepy, and continuing with City of Ashes, book two of the Mortal Instruments series (which I’d started months ago and put down), just because I really needed an easy read… and I could not find my Sarah J. Maas books anywhere. I’ve actually really been enjoying City of Ashes since getting into it!

Around Wednesday, I got a hankering to read the Buffy books I collected as a teen and figured I’d ask my dad if he still has them. Lo and behold, he does! Some of them, at least. So perhaps sometime soon I’ll be reading through some nostalgia. I may have to repurchase a few of them but I just have to wait for some payments to re-balance.

I also took some time and dug out my Sarah J. Maas books because I’ve really wanted to read through the Throne of Glass series. It took me a few days because of course, they were behind a double mattress, behind and underneath several boxes full of books, and a Christmas tree. Sod’s law, eh? It was a faff but victory was mine. And they were in the same box and a handful other books I wanted to plop on my TBR so win/win! I still need to pick up books 5, 6 and 7 at some point but I’m still a ways off from reading those.

By Friday I decided to bite the bullet and update my Goodreads reading challenge from 3 books to 7. I’ve worked out I can manage 1.5 books per month if I continue at my current pace, maybe more, and 7 books gives me some leeway. I can always update it later if I get there faster than anticipated, which I may do, but I also don’t know what will happen with my health between now and then so 7 is a good start.

And finally, I ran my Friday Dungeons & Dragons game this week! Session 15 saw the group talking with the town’s guard captain, ferrying across the river, and journeying towards a nearby hamlet. Plus the usual shenanigans. I’m really enjoying seeing what they all do with what I throw at them so much, and they’re getting to a part I put a decent amount of effort into, I’m so excited!! This was also, I think, the first session I left them on a proper cliffhanger and I feel a little bad about it as we play biweekly but it was for the best, I promise!

On the Blog

This week’s blog posts. Look at me with my multiple posts per week!


I checked the free Kindle books charts this week and grabbed a few new-to-me titles, a few other things came up on sale, and my Amazon First Reads prompted me to pick a book before the month ends – I was sure I already had but I was able to claim Song of the Forever Rains which my friend rated pretty highly so here we are.

Saints of Salvation also came my way. This was from a physical book Twitter giveaway ran by Pewter Wolf courtesy of Pan Macmillan. Thanks to both! Now I need to get a hold of books 1 and 2 because it looks like a really fun series to read and I always need to inject a little more science fiction into my life.

The Saints of Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton

Next Week

I’m fairly sure I will finish reading City of Ashes today, I have maybe 50 pages left and I’m sucked in now. So I may pick up City of Glass afterwards, or perhaps the Throne of Glass prequel short stories collection that I don’t currently remember the name of and it’s the other side of the room and you can’t make me go check right now! I won’t do it! Or perhaps I may pick up something from Kindle Unlimited which offered 3 months free during Prime Day. Lots of choices.

I also have my Sunday Dungeons & Dragons game to run tomorrow. We’re running through Lost Mines of Phandelvar right now and they have some Goblins they plan to attempt to negotiate with. I just know this is going to get interesting.

How have your weeks been? Reading anything good? Got up to anything interesting? Let’s encourage each other in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’re all getting up to!

0 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: 26/06/2021

  1. Hope you can rest up and get some energy levels returned soon!

    Also, ty for letting me know about Peter F. Hamilton’s new series! I love me some Hamilton, but hadn’t even looked into what he’s been up to for yonks. Time for some catch-up soon, methinks! 😀

    1. Same, I’ve just read Throne of Glass, though that was years ago back when it first released so it’s practically like a fresh read again, haha.
      And thanks, I definitely got the idea from friends!

    1. Thanks! It’s pretty much ongoing but I make do and some weeks are worse than others. Hopefully I find times I can read his books, I found 3 more of them when I was looking for my Sarah J. Maas books. 😂

    1. Hopefully! I have Nevernight somewhere so had to snap up the rest of the series for 99p each. As much as I’d love them for my bookshelves, that’s too good to pass up. You too!

  2. I did really love the first 3 or 4 books in the City of Bones series. And I need to read on in both of Sarah J. Maas’s series that I’ve only read the first book so far. I also often change my Goodreads goal a couple times a year. Usually, or at least the past few years, I’ve had to cut back the number of books I thought I’d read. I think writing has taken up some of that time, and I’m okay with that! Hope you have a good week!
    Lisa Loves Literature

    1. Aye, I’m surprised to be honest. They contain a lot of the tropes I tend to avoid but I just really love reading a book that you can get lost in regardless of what’s going on and they’re really great for that!

  3. I love Throne of Glass! I’ve been listing after the dust jackets from Nerdy Ink and Juniper Books for that series for ages. My indecision between the two keeps me from taking the plunge lol.

    The first Crescent City book ended up being my favorite Maas (so far, anyway!). There’s a lot to keep track of at the start but the focus narrows pretty quickly and it’s one of those lose-track-of-time reads. 3 cheers for escapism!!!

    1. I remember loving that first book when I read it way back but I cannot remember any of it now so time to go again! Also flip a coin, or ask a pendulum. 😉

      That’s good to know! I have that and the first Court of …Thorns and Roses? Something like that.. on Kindle, the latter I think I got the audiobook too.
      Hip hip – hooray!

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