Heads Up! Huge Indie Book Sale Ongoing 18-22

Heads Up! Huge Indie Book Sale Ongoing 18-22

*Sale is over now but I still recommend having a look at the authors involved and Tessa’s spotlight posts, there are some great titles in here!*

Happy April, friendos! Today I bring great news of a huge indie book sale that lovely Tessa of Narratess has organised to help connect independent authors with new readers as part of #IndieApril. Everybody loves a sale, right? All books included in the sale are fantasy, science fiction, or horror books that are first in series, standalones, or anthologies and all priced at $1.99, $0.99, or free! And I know there are some gems in here.

Throughout the month of April, Tessa has been posting spotlights for speculative fiction indie authors. Each one introducing the author, their book, and where we can find them and their work. It has been, and continues to be, a delight to see all of these authors (some familiar)! It’s certainly worth having a look through them and exploring some new writer-folks.

Over the years, independent and self-published fiction has gotten better and better. Yes, it still carries a lot of stigma but if you know where to look you can find some fantastic books, and indie authors need the readers. Events and sales like Indie April, SPFBO, Quarancon and beyond help readers to find authors they might fall in love with outside of their usual bubbles, and I have been loving discovering communities, blogs, Youtube channels and so many more that read this stuff and share their thoughts with the rest of us!

Here’s a small handful that might catch your interest:

You’ve got 5 days to browse this huge indie book sale and pick up some absolute gems so go have a look today before you pop it in a tab group and forget to have a proper browse… #NotSalty.

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