Cross Stitch Tips & Definitions

Cross Stitch Tips & Definitions

Update: 12/01/2024 – Added a couple posts on stitching with variegated thread and what it is, marked with *.

When I was getting started, I found tutorials for literally EVERYTHING. So here are a few in case you need them, divided by level. Starting out with a nice basic kit, you aren’t likely going to need the Advanced ones while you’re just getting started, but if you keep on with stitching and wonder wtf a French Knot is and oh god there’s so many different fabrics send help, these should be really nice. But of course, you can always ask me, as well!

And remember: you will mess up, we all do, it’s natural. Yes even seasoned stitchers. You can either just go with a mistake and make it a part of your piece of work (known as “fudging”), or unpick it and re-stitch (generally known as “frogging“). But mostly try not to panic, it’s a normal part of stitching. If these guides are unhelpful to you or overwhelming, you don’t have to use them. The advanced techniques I’ve listed are options if you want to take things a little further, but by no means the only ways to do things. As with anything, there are gatekeepers, but the most important thing is to find your way of working the threads and have fun! 

Beginning Tips

Little More Advanced: Fabric

Little More Advanced: Stitches

Little More Advanced: Tools

Finishing (washing, framing, etc.)

Resources & Ideas

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