Cal Black’s No Port in a Storm Book Cover Reveal

Cal Black’s No Port in a Storm Book Cover Reveal

Long time no see! I hope you’ve all been keeping well. I’ve been playing my games and getting into movies in a big way, think I’ve even found my way out of my reading slump. But that’s not why I’m here today. You see, a friend of mine, Cal Black, has the second book in her fantasy series coming out and I’m here to share the book cover with you. A book cover reveal, if you will.

The series is called Legends & Legacies and it’s a Gaslamp Western High Fantasy series about an elf called Mildred Berry. I definitely recommend you take a look at book one: No Land For Heroes, if you have any interest in it.

Regardless, we’re here to see the cover for book two, and perhaps this will get you intrigued. I mean, it’s a gorgeous cover. Just look at those colours, and that lettering!

No Port in a Storm by Cal Black

Cal Black's No Port in a Storm Book Cover Reveal

Book #2 of Legends & Legacies
Genre: Gaslamp & Western Fantasy
Release: Early April 2023


‘The Bayou wants its Butcher back’

Ghosts of Mildred Berry’s past stalk her dreams, dredging up memories she’d rather forget. Struggling with the return to city life and a surprise marriage, Millie finds her strongest ally is distracted, preparing for the Colfield Massacre trial.

When the trial’s key witness goes missing, a bloody message makes it clear to Millie that the city of Marigot is done waiting for its vengeance against the man who betrayed it… and the elf who burnt it down.

Enemies new and old lurk in the bayou, while all of Millie’s old allies are long dead. If she goes after the witness, she’ll be walking into a city of vipers. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose her closest friend. The Bayou wants its Butcher back, and it doesn’t care who stands in its way.

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