2024 Book Releases I’m Most Starry-Eyed Over

2024 Book Releases I’m Most Starry-Eyed Over

Oh hello there! It has been a while. I’ve not had the spoons to write much at all these past few months and so to preserve what little energy I have, I let myself leave the blog ticking along. However, I’m having a bit of a reading renaissance this year, it seems, and I’m just so excited about so many books I thought it would be nice to share some of that excitement. As such, here are all of the 2024 book releases I currently have pre-ordered that I’m eager to get my grubby little hands on! It’s mostly horror, that seems to be where my reading tastes have wandered off to over the past couple of years and I’ve loved every moment of it, though there’s some fantasy, too. I may change these over time, cancel some, add others, but at time of writing these are what I’ve got on my list.

Fair reminder that I’m in the UK, so I’m looking at when things release for me. A lot of the UK book covers have not yet been finalised so I’ve included US covers and whatever I can. And all Amazon.co.uk and Bookshop.org book links are affiliate links, so if you do preorder/purchase anything using these links, I’ll get a little back from it.

murder road by simone st jamesMurder Road by Simone St. James

28th March – Horror

GET READY FOR THE SCARIEST READ OF 2024 – a gripping new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Cold Cases

April and Eddie have taken a wrong turn.

They’re on a long dark road, late at night, and they see a woman up ahead, clearly in trouble.

They stop and pick her up. It’s only once she’s in the car that they see the blood.

And then they see the headlights, and at last, the woman speaks, her voice faint. “I’m sorry, he’s coming.”

Ingeniously plotted and heartstoppingly terrifying, are you ready to uncover the secret of Murder Road?

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

I have never read a Simone St. James book, but I have it on good authority (Trin) that her books are great. So as my mind opens to the idea of checking out some crime/thriller books, Murder Road passes under my eyes and the grabby hands come out. First off, I am fully admitting that the cover sold me here. I don’t know if the book itself will follow the vibe this cover gives off and I don’t care, I’ll be happy to have this on my shelf alone. Second, all of those urban legends about picking up hitchhikers on certain roads and they turn out to be ghosts or demons are so good, and I’m really intrigued to find out what this book is doing with that. Is she going supernatural or keeping things more down-to-earth? Either way, I’m fascinated.

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Someone You Can Build a Nest in by John WiswellSomeone You Can Build a Nest in by John Wiswell

11th April – Fantasy

“Do love stories often end this way?” “Why do you think it’s over?”

Shesheshen has made a fatal mistake for a monster: she’s fallen in love.

Shesheshen is a shapeshifter, who usually resides as an amorphous lump in the swamp of a ruined manor, unless impolite monster hunters invade intent on murdering her. Through a chance encounter, she meets a different kind of human, warm-hearted Homily, who mistakes Shesheshen for a human in turn.

Shesheshen is loath to deceive, but just as she’s about to confess her true identity, Homily reveals she’s hunting the shapeshifting monster that supposedly cursed her family. Shesheshen didn’t curse anyone, but to give them both a chance at happiness, she must figure out why Homily’s twisted family thinks she did. And the bigger challenge remains: surviving her toxic in-laws long enough to learn to build a life with the woman she loves.

A glorious, funny, occasionally slightly violent love story which asks us to examine – and re-examine – the meaning of legacy, family and love.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

I was told Someone You Can Build a Nest in is monster romance, but asexual and that was enough for me. I can’t do smut, anything graphic or super horny just makes me really uncomfortable (and boy does that make navigating romance tough, it is still real hard to discover spice ratings ahead of time…) but I’m so intrigued by the monster romance trend, it’s just that so much of it is smut and romance in general is a minefield for me. So I will be diving into this one and I hope it’s everything I want, because I do love romance!

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The Sword Unbound (Lands of the Firstborn #2) by Gareth HanrahanThe Sword Unbound (Lands of the Firstborn #2) by Gareth Hanrahan

9th May – Fantasy

The Sword Unbound is book two in the Lands of the Firstborn series by Gareth Hanrahan, beginning with The Sword Defiant, and as such the blurb may contain spoilers for book one. Click here to unfurl the full blurb

He thought he was saving the world. That was his first mistake.

Twenty years ago, Alf and his companions defeated the Dark Lord and claimed his city. Now, those few of the Nine that remain find themselves unwilling rebels, defying the authority of both the mortal lords they once served and the immortal king of the elves – the secret architect of everything they’ve ever known.

Once lauded as a mighty hero, Alf is now labelled a traitor and hunted by the very gods he seeks to bring down. As desperate rebellion blazes across the land, Alf seeks the right path through a maze of conspiracy, wielding a weapon of evil. The black sword Spellbreaker, ever hungry for slaughter, has found its purpose in these dark days. But can Aelfric remain a hero, or is his legend tarnished forever?

The Sword Unbound continues Gareth Hanrahan’s acclaimed epic fantasy series of dark myth, daring warriors and bloodthirsty vengeance.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

One of the few fantasy books I’m chomping at the bit for, The Sword Unbound continues from where last year’s The Sword Defiant left off. That was possibly the only epic fantasy I read last year, too? I heard “evil talking sword” and that was it, I was in. Loved that book, it felt a lot like… what happens to the Dungeons & Dragons party in the 20 years after they’ve had their adventures, defeated the dark lord, and liberated Mordor? And UGH. You guys, I was not surprised to learn that Hanrahan comes from a background of TTRPG writing. He literally wrote sourcebooks for one of the Middle-Earth based games. And it really shows. He knows how to create a world and build lore and it was so fascinating to read. It feels like exactly the kinda fantasy I adore, and so I am absolutely grabbing book two. I’m along for the ride now, and I’ll be picking up the other fantasy trilogy he has released at some point as well. Also, the cover? Gorgeous. Absolutely lives up to the first one.

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Dreadful by Caitlin RozakisDreadful by Caitlin Rozakis

28th May – Fantasy

A sharp-witted, high fantasy farce featuring killer moat squid, toxic masculinity, evil wizards and a garlic festival – all at once. Perfect for fans of T. Kingfisher, K. J. Parker and Travis Baldree.

It’s bad enough waking up in a half-destroyed evil wizard’s workshop with no eyebrows, no memories, and no idea how long you have before the Dread Lord Whomever shows up to murder you horribly and then turn your skull into a goblet or something.

It’s a lot worse when you realize that Dread Lord Whomever is… you.

Gav isn’t really sure how he ended up with a castle full of goblins, or why he has a princess locked in a cell. All he can do is play along with his own evil plan in hopes of getting his memories back before he gets himself killed.

But as he realizes that nothing – from the incredibly tasteless cloak adorned with flames to the aforementioned princess – is quite what it seems, Gav must face up to all the things the Dread Lord Gavrax has done. And he’ll have to answer the hardest question of all – who does he want to be?

A high fantasy farce featuring killer moat squid, toxic masculinity, an evil wizard convocation, and a garlic festival. All at once. Dread Lord Gavrax has had better weeks.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

I saw Caitlin share Dreadful on Mastodon and leapt on it like a salmon (does that make sense? Heck it, I’m going with it) because I’ve recently read T. Kingfisher’s Clockwork Boys and been eager for more high fantasy that’s so accessibly written and isn’t afraid to lean into weird ideas and whimsy. There’s a place for all the war and politics in high fantasy, absolutely, but the genre should also be allowed to have fun! And I am really expecting Dreadful to really tickle that desire. Doesn’t it sound great? And if it happens to get dark, well I think the rest of this post emphasises how little I will mind that, either.

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Horror Movie by Paul TremblayHorror Movie by Paul Tremblay

11th June – Horror

The monster at the heart of a cult 90s cursed horror film tells his shocking and bloody secret history. Slow burn terror meets high-stakes showdowns, from the bestselling author of A Head Full of Ghosts and The Cabin at the End of the World.

Summer, 1993 – a group of young guerrilla filmmakers spend four weeks making Horror Movie, a notorious, disturbing, art-house horror film. Steeped in mystery and tragedy, the film has taken on a mythic, cult renown, despite only three of the original scenes ever being released to the public.

Decades later, a big budget reboot is in the works, and Hollywood turns to the only surviving cast member – the man who played ‘the Thin Kid’, the masked teen at the centre of it all. He remembers all too well the secrets buried within the original screenplay, the bizarre events of the filming, and the crossed lines on set.

Caught in a nightmare of masks and appearances, facile Hollywood personalities and the strangeness of fan conventions, the Thin Kid spins a tale of past and present, scripts and reality, and what the camera lets us see. But at what cost do we revisit our demons?

After all these years, the monster the world never saw will finally be heard.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

At the beginning of January, I read The Cabin at the End of the World and fell in love so utterly I needed more Paul Tremblay. And immediately went and bought myself A Head Full of Ghosts and devoured that, as well. So as I was madly adding all of Paul Tremblay’s other books to my priority wishlist, I saw he had a new one releasing this year and didn’t even think about adding it to my preorders for 2024. There have been a few horror books centering around movie/TV sets recently. We had Silver Nitrate from Silvia Moreno Garcia, Burn the Negative by Josh Winning, and Mister Magic by Kiersten White, all released last year. It’s kinda fascinating to see so many coming around so close together, because I can’t imagine any of them were following a particular “trend”, right? Anywho, can’t wait for Horror Movie. Gimme more Tremblay.

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Witchcraft for Wayward Girls by Grady HendrixWitchcraft for Wayward Girls by Grady Hendrix

4th July – Horror

Look out for the brand-new Southern Gothic horror from New York Times bestselling author of How to Sell a Haunted House and The Final Girl Support Group. Coming summer 2024.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

Yeah that’s it, that’s all the blurb we get. No cover yet either. Aaaaa. But regardless, Grady Hendrix has become an auto-buy author for me. Loved My Best Friend’s Exorcism and How to Sell a Haunted House from last year, and this looks to be Hendrix’s take on witch horror? And Southern Gothic?? This sounds like a book written just for me and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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Bury Your Gays by Chuck TingleBury Your Gays by Chuck Tingle

16th July – Horror

From Chuck Tingle, author of the USA Today bestselling Camp Damascus, comes a new heart-pounding story about what it takes to succeed in a world that wants you dead.

Misha is a jaded scriptwriter who has been working in Hollywood for decades, and has just been nominated for his first Oscar. But when he’s pressured by his producers to kill off a gay character in the upcoming season finale—”for the algorithm”—Misha discovers that it’s not that simple.

As he is haunted by his past, and past mistakes, Misha must risk everything to find a way to do what’s right—before it’s too late.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

Alrighty, Mr. Tingle! I’ve never read any of his “Pounded in the Butt…” books or anything of that ilk, though I did hear surprisingly good things for Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus, as absurd as it was. So when I heard he was releasing a horror book, no smut, no absurdity, just a horror book. Oh boy was I intrigued. I have yet to pick up Straight, but I did read Camp Damascus last year, which was his first horror novel under a traditional publisher (Tor Nightfire and Titan, in the UK) and it was great. So I will be 100% picking up Bury Your Gays, and hopefully at some point, Straight as well. I also can’t wait to see what the UK cover will be, or if we’ll be getting the Tor Nightfire one – which I do like!

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What Doesn't Break (Critical Role: Bell's Hells) by Cassandra KhawWhat Doesn’t Break (Critical Role: Bell’s Hells) by Cassandra Khaw

23rd July – Fantasy

Uncover the lost years of Critical Role’s unrelentingly upbeat, undead spellcaster in this original prequel novel to Laudna’s adventures with Bells Hells.

For as long as she can remember, Laudna has had a friend. A mentor. A little voice whispering in her cropped ear, promising that, no matter how monstrous she becomes or how far she wanders, there will always be someone to guide her.

And so, Laudna is content.

But the thought of more—of life, of love, of the magic stirring in her still veins—is unrelenting in its familiarity. More is the dream of a little girl trapped behind the bloodstained walls of Whitestone, and the nightmare of the woman who now stalks the woods outside them. More, Laudna’s little voice reminds her, is dangerous. From Tal’Dorei to Marquet, the world is infested with heroes destined to rid their kingdoms of creatures like Laudna.

The little voice is right, she knows.

But still, she thinks of more. And when she reaches for that dream, what reaches back will change everything.

Written by USA Today bestselling author Cassandra Khaw, Critical Role: Bells Hells—What Doesn’t Break delves into the unexplored years before Laudna joins up with the crew of Bells Hells, following her departure from Whitestone and solo adventures on the road toward Jrusar.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

I am, without a doubt, a Critter and have bought the previous two released books… although haven’t read either yet. I am also incredibly behind on season 3 of the show however I have watched enough to fall in love with Laudna’s creepy undead character, she’s definitely my favourite of Marisha’s characters! And Cassandra Khaw is writing Laudna’s past?! Hello??? I haven’t read Cassandra Khaw yet, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve heard such wonderful things about their (horror!!) books (gosh I need to get my hands on them, too) and that gives me hope that What Doesn’t Break will be a great read. I have been pretty eager to hear Laudna’s backstory for a while so I’m pretty excited for this one, and that they’re getting Khaw in gives me some hope for horror vibes.

Notably for those of you who are not Critical Role fans but are curious: this will be a prequel to the show, about how this character became the way that she is, so I am sure you would be able to read this without delving into other content.

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Chronically Magickal: Navigating Chronic Illness with Witchcraft by Danielle DionneChronically Magickal: Navigating Chronic Illness with Witchcraft by Danielle Dionne

8th September – Non-Fiction; Witchcraft

Your chronic illness/condition may always be with you, but so will your magic. This book is a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with chronic or invisible illness–a reminder that you are not alone. Through personal stories and practical magick, Danielle Dionne guides you on a journey of self-discovery. She shows you how to incorporate spellcraft, healing, self-care, and confidence-building practices into your own unique process.

Chronically Magickal presents techniques that help boost your energy, mood, and visions for your future. While it can’t cure your illness, this book teaches you how to accept help from others, grow around grief, pace yourself according to the spoon theory, and more. You’ll also learn how to work with stone, plant, and animal allies. From energy clearing to spirit communication, Danielle covers every aspect of staying magickal and manifesting change for the better.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

Time for a combobreaker! I am a pagan witch, I don’t talk about it too much just because I know religion/spirituality talk can make some uncomfortable and I don’t want to ever be a source of that, especially when I’m in my nerdy space. However, when I saw this fly by my Mastodon feed I squeeled because I’ve been wanting a book about magic for spoonies for years, to the point that I almost wrote one myself but just didn’t.. have the spoons. Haha. So while I don’t know if Chronically Magickal will be the book I’ve been waiting for, after allI still don’t have diagnoses for my symptoms so I don’t know if they’re even ‘chronic’, it sounds like this book will cover things relevant to my situation. I’m awful at making myself read non-fiction but this has to go on my shelf.

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The House of Last Resort by Christopher GoldenThe House of Last Resort by Christopher Golden

17th September – Horror

The next high concept horror novel from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden.

Across Italy there are many half-empty towns, nearly abandoned by those who migrate to the coast or to cities. The beautiful, crumbling hilltop town of Becchina is among them, but its mayor has taken drastic measures to rebuild—selling abandoned homes to anyone in the world for a single Euro, as long as the buyer promises to live there for at least five years.

It’s a no-brainer for American couple Tommy and Kate Puglisi. Both work remotely, and Becchina is the home of Tommy’s grandparents, his closest living relatives. It feels like a romantic adventure, an opportunity the young couple would be crazy not to seize. But from the moment they move in, they both feel a shadow has fallen on them. Tommy’s grandmother is furious, even a little frightened, when she realizes which house they’ve bought.

There are rooms in an annex at the back of the house that they didn’t know were there. The place makes strange noises at night, locked doors are suddenly open, and when they go to a family gathering, they’re certain people are whispering about them, and about their house, which one neighbor refers to as The House of Last Resort. Soon, they learn that the home was owned for generations by the Church, but the real secret, and the true dread, is unlocked when they finally learn what the priests were doing in this house for all those long years…and how many people died in the strange chapel inside. While down in the catacombs beneath Becchina…something stirs.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

I love Christopher Golden from his Buffy the Vampire Slayer books. Him and Nancy Holder did such great work with the world of Buffy, and their writing was solid, which I find a hard get in tie-in novels. So I’m overjoyed that Golden is releasing original horror novels these days, and they’re doing pretty well, too! And doesn’t The House of Last Resort sound fascinating? I need to know what is going on here.

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All the Hearts You Eat by Hailey PiperAll the Hearts You Eat by Hailey Piper

15th October – Horror

A visceral and heartbreaking work of gothic horror about small town mysteries, local folklore and the things we leave behind when we’re gone, from the Bram Stoker Award winning author of Queen of Teeth.

What really happened to Cabrina Brite?

Ivory’s life changes irrevocably when she discovers the body of Cabrina Brite on the sands of Cape Morning, along with a mysterious poem. How did she die, and why does it seem she was trying to swim to Ghost Cat Island, the centre of so many local mysteries?

Desperate to uncover the answers surrounding Cabrina’s death, and haunted by her discovery, Ivory begins to see the pale ghost of Cabrina, only to shake it off as a mere hallucination. But Ivory is not alone. Cabrina’s closest friends have also seen a similar apparition, and as they toy with occult possibilities, they begin to unravel the truth behind Cabrina’s death.

Because Cape Morning isn’t a ghost town, but a town filled with ghosts, and Ivory is about to discover just what happens when you let one in.

Goodreads Bookshop.org Amazon.co.uk

Hailey Piper is another modern horror author I have yet to read anything by – wait no, I tell a lie, I believe I read a story by her in The Book of Queer Saints. But aside from that short story, I haven’t really delved into her work. So why not begin here? Okay I admit, I could pause this preorder and pick up some of her already released stuff but I don’t want to, All the Hearts You Eat sounds super interesting.

So there you have it! I may do another post with yet more books I’m really curious about if I can find the spoons for it some time soon. I have a lot of posts open in tabs I want to look through and add books to various wishlists and I know there will be enough titles to make another post. We shall see.

Do you have any preorders for this year you’re looking forward to? Anything above catch your eye? Let’s talk upcoming books in the comments!

6 thoughts on “2024 Book Releases I’m Most Starry-Eyed Over

  1. Yayayay, welcome back! ♥ that UK Murder Road cover is so good. 😍 all of these sound good! I’m not on the up and up with CR but I love Khaw’s writing so I was happy to see your note about that one, and I’m so pumped for the new Grady Hendrix book, even if we’ve gotten little to no info on it lmao.

    1. Thank you!! Don’t they just? Yeah, I figure there’ll be people curious about the CR book just because the author is pretty beloved and the story should be pretty decent so well worth an addition. And yesss. xD

  2. A tip on the romance side: if it’s already released, toss the title into a youtube search. The romance readers on booktube are really good about giving spice ratings and answering comments about them if they don’t for some reason!

    1. Very valid! I was for a large part of my twenties, we all have different tastes and levels of things we can manage across all sorts of things. Paul Tremblay seems to play a lot with ambiguity which I personally feel grounds his books in realism quite well, which for me takes some of the creepfactor away, but of course I don’t know how this one will play out yet so you gotta consider what upsets you and look after yourself!

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