12 Books For 2022 Challenge

12 Books For 2022 Challenge

Hello blog friends! Today I wanted to talk a little about this “12 Books for 2022” challenge I took on back in December. The template by @shadowbooker on Instagram was going around on Twitter and while I usually fail horribly at challenges and readathons, finding them more pressure than fun, I figured heck it. It might be interesting to see what people recommend and you know what, it was!

Yes, I’m a tiny bit late with this but I make no apologies. Now! The image on the left is my main challenge selection, but I had so many interesting recommendations I had to at least store them so I made a bonus list as well.

For the main list I went with whatever was recommended first and one per person. I’m sure the lines underneath the book spaces would be a great spot for the months but I like including who recommended what. At this point, I read Lord of Light back in January and I have The Alchemist (twice, for some reason?), Fool Moon, A Natural History of Dragons, Malice, Dune (my copy is a bit manky though…), Shadow of a Dead God, and The Goblin Emperor! So there is plenty in there to be getting on with so long as the mood strikes me right.

The Bonus list is the spillover. Books recommended once I’d already filled the main list and extra books from people who’d already recommended something (I got to choose which goes on the main list, of course). There are a couple of these I don’t think are for me but I thought I’d save them anyway, and others I’d never heard of that sound really interesting. Of these, I already have Kingdom of Souls and Children of Blood and Bone.

Obviously, I haven’t been reading one a month which would be sensible. Instead, I’m treating this more like a priority list. Every time I finish a book and need to choose something else, I go to this list first and weigh up what I’m in the mood for. My mood reading is a little all over the place so I end up distracted way too easily. However, it’s a fun little challenge, don’t you think?

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